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Banks, insurances and financial service providers are particularly exposed to the public. The demand for trustworthiness is much higher than in other lines of business and criticism is likely to be raised. Therefore, crisis communication is an essential concern. For support and coaching you can rely on appunto's experienced consultants.

Higher PR performance for banks, financial service providers and the insurance industry

Communication for banks and financial service providers

appunto provides the following services for banks, insurances and asset managements in English, German and French:

Public relations, Media relations

  • Press releases
  • Press conferences
  • Contacts with journalists
  • Media trips
  • Preparatory coaching for meeting journalists and before media appearances

Expert Crisis communication

  • Coaching and support in situations of crisis
  • Media relations
    in critical situations
  • Crisis manual
  • Management training in crisis communication
  • Exercises in crisis communication

» Crisis communication

Top level corporate publishing

  • Annual reports
  • Image brochures
  • Customer magazines
  • Newsletters

Effective media training

  • Media training for executives in English, German and French by a skilled former TV anchorman

Personalized presentation skills training

  • Presentation training for executives
    client consultants
  • Public speaking instruction in English, German, and French

We feature years of experience in the finance industry and assure you that we treat mandates with
utmost confidentiality.

Creative advertising

  • Brochures, folders, flyers

  • Advertising in papers and magazines
  • Inserts
  • Articles for newspapers and magazines
  • Mailings
  • Websites
  • Videos, CD-ROMs
  • Events

Multilingual Anchoring

  • Anchoring at client events in English, German and French
  • Anchoring at congresses and seminars

Client satisfaction

  • Keynote speeches on total client satisfaction
  • Conducting internal workshops
  • Testing your services (test visits) and reporting
  • Quality circles
  • Quality action teams

» Quality assurance

Client consultants' training
Our trainings are practice oriented and designed to enhance successful client interaction.

How to establish contact with clients? How to identify a client's individual needs? How to convince a client of the advantages of a product? How to win a client over? All about client satisfaction and client delight.

With us you learn about the essential difference between informing clients vs. enthusing and inspiring them. In order to sell a product, you need to "sell" yourself. We can show you how.

Exposure to public criticism

Banks, insurances and financial service providers are particularly exposed to public criticism. Charges by the media or on the part of politicians are frequent and there is a pressing demand for explanation. The smallest mistake can result in a
disaster. There is too much at stake not take greatest care. In such situations, we can rely on our longstanding experience in crisis communication and media relations to provide valuable support in getting the matter under control.



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