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Handy hints

Do not drink any alcohol before appearing on television. And do not take any drugs. If media trainers tell you that a sip of white wine or a shot of vodka would be helpful and encouraging, they must be either joking or are very unprofessional. What you need is total concentration which is diminishing under the influence of only a few per mills of alcohol or the smallest dose of drugs.

Media Training – Interview Training for executives

Media training for executives

Interview and Television Training. Introductory courses, or refreshing and advancing your skills in order to master the most challenging interviews and not to lose your quick-wittedness.

Your performances are recorded and

TV Training for Beginners

In our introductory media training course, you learn how to behave in front of a camera and a microphone. Recording enables you to get used to the camera and to review the result of your performance yourself. We help you relieve stress and keep calm. We show you how to bring your message across in a TV interview.

An absolute must for every executive.

Media Training Advanced Level

Our interview trainings on this level address Chief Officers and CEOs, board members, directors and spokespeople.

We confront you with difficult, tough and even unfair questions. We interrogate you on issues have not considered yet. We interrupt you. Thus, you learn to keep the floor, come up with quick-witted answers and prevail.

Your objective is to come up with answers to the point, and fast. You have to be able to deliver precise statements without lengthy thinking. You must not forget your cogent arguments, your message, despite aggressive questions and unfair attacks.

Media Training in German, French, Russian, Italian or Czech.

We do also media training in German and French as well as Russian, Italian and Czech.

» Media training in German
» Media training in French

Experienced Media Trainers

Experience makes the difference in a course on media relations or a media training. Has your current coach presented and conceptualized major TV-shows and conducted tough TV-interviews himself? Is he or she totally independent from media and publishers and absolutely discreet?

appunto's Executive Coach

appunto's head trainer, Pierre Freimueller, has a long standing experience with the media. His experience is based on more than 1500 media trainings. He worked as a newspaper journalist for eight years, and for Swiss television for ten years (as senior editor and presenter of the news program «Tagesschau» and the consumer show «Kassensturz»).

He has conducted countless interviews – often tough ones. He also knows the corporate side: In the capacity of the director of corporate communications with
the Swissair-Group and Swissair airline, he often had to face tricky questions.

Pierre Freimueller's interview and TV-trainings are widely known for being realistic and lifelike, efficient and partner-oriented.

» appunto's chief media trainer
   Pierre Freimueller

Introductory Course
in Media Relations

Fundamentals: How to catch the attention of the media: newspapers, radio and television. How to avoid pitfalls and what to do when attacked or harshly criticized.

Comprehensive Documentation

All our courses and media trainings include a comprehensive documentation and useful checklists.

Topics of our Media Relations Courses for executives

Call from a Journalist

What are the rules, for instance in a critical situation? How do you avoid unpleasant surprises?

Which terms and conditions should previously be agreed on? Do you know your rights? What are the differences between interviews for newspapers, radio or television? What are the differences between live
interviews and recorded ones? What do you have to be aware of in each case?

Panel Discussion
How do you best profit from your opportunities? What do have to be aware of in order to avoid fatal mistakes? How do you get the floor?

How do you get the attention of the media?

Media Release
When and how do you use this instrument? What does a good press release look like? And what kind of information does it contain? Dos and don'ts. Practice in journalistic writing. What kinds of illustrations are suitable? Mailing and follow-up action

Media Conference
On which occasion does a media conference make sense? When is it rather futile? What do you need to consider when preparing a perfectly well organized media conference?

English, French, German, Russian and Czech.

All our courses and media trainings are run by fully proficient trainers with highly advanced language skills in English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Czech.

appunto offers more than just media training. We support you with skilled consulting

» to prepare your argumentation
» to prepare or rehearse an    important presentation

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