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Feedback of a participant

«Je tenais à vous remercier pour vos conseils extrêmement précieux lors de la séance de coaching en vue de l’entretien de Berne! En ce qui me concerne, je peux vous assurer que la séance de coaching sous forme de simulation d’entretien fut une étape essentielle en vue de l’obtention du subside de professeur boursier SNF. Merci à nouveau pour vos précieux conseils à cette occasion.»


The original copy of this feedback and others can be seen at our office.

Training the Presentation of Applications for Research Grants

A compelling presentation of your project and convincing answers in the following interview will be crucial to get your grant. Being deeply involved in a subject can make it difficult to extract the essentials for people less concerned by it. And be aware that with the presentation and the interview about a scientific project the panel of experts will less want to rate the content of a project than its relevance and more than everything assess you as a person, as the scientist having to lead this complex enterprise. Quite some reasons to get nervous …

Careful training for an effective project presentation

Experience shows that it pays to prepare and rehearse the presentation and the interview with some peers and an expert of science communication. Pierre Freimueller has been participating in training applicants for scientific grants (e.g. EU research starting grants and consolidator grants) in such a setting in different countries and various universities. These trainings – as to judge from the outcomes and the feedbacks received – have always proved to be highly profitable.

Pierre Freimueller will coach you or your group of applicants to reach a top performance and give you valuable hints and professional advice on how to convince the panel of experts about your scientific project.

Applying for a research grant is too important to run risks. Take advantage of Pierre Freimueller’s experience with coaching of applicants for research grants. Your scientific project deserves it.

Do not present you scientific project like a robot - train your presentation with Pierre Freimueller!

Robotics are a fascinating and very promising domain of science - but beware of presenting your scientific project like a robot.


You can train and rehearse the presentation of your research grant application in the following languages:








Didactical training for teachers







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Methods used in our trainings and rehearsals for advocating research grants

  • Presentation of your project
  • Video recording of your presentation. You get your video for review.
  • Peer feedback
  • Scientific experts' feedback
  • Communication expert's and coach's feedback and advice
  • Simulation of the interview by the panel of experts
  • Video recording of the interview
  • Feedbacks on the interview

Course «Science and the Media»

Media expert Pierre Freimueller shows you:

  • how to get your scientific topics in the media,
  • how to avoid being misunderstood or your messages being biased in critical situations.


Keep it short
and simple -

A nice practical example

PhD students present their dissertation in 3 minutes in an inter-national competition.


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