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Customer feedbacks

"Very good time and benefit management, very qualified and open presenter and very good inputs to motivate people in their business environment."

"You can associate the key drivers for good communication to motivate yourself, your employees and all stakeholders with the principles of 'get the heart', 'make it matter' and 'try to get a clear picture across'."

“Very good knowledge and know how transfer. We should be offered more trainings of this kind.”

“Very professional with good and active trainers.”

“It was a great training day! Many thanks.”

“The presentation training in the afternoon was very useful, new situations, good experience.”

“My thanks go to the trainer and the colleagues for what I have learned today.”

“Very motivated trainer, very positive attitude.”


Presentation skills training
and public speaking instruction


Increase your presentation and argumentation skills

Presentation, argumentation and public speaking skills can be learned.
Gain self-confidence in practice-oriented trainings.
Practise in one on one trainings or in small groups.
In English, French, German, Italian or Russian.
Discover and develop your own presentation style.
Learn to be authentic and persuasive.

We've got wide experience: More than a thousand presentation trainings in English, German, French, Italian and Russian. We use a video camera for you to review your own performances and progress.

Presentation skills training

Reading a presentation means losing the audience's attention, and losing the game. Speaking freely, however, makes the most competent impression. The key to successful presentations are

  • the speaker's confidence in his/her skills
  • the persuasiveness of arguments
  • an easy to follow narrative structure
  • a smart rhetoric
  • supportive visual impressions.

Increase your skills in our customized presentation trainings.

polyecho® training

The most effective method to increase your presentation and speaking skills by means of multiple presentation turns in groups and multiple feedback rounds. Intense performance and input rates which won't fail to make a decisive difference to your future presentations or speeches.

»  More about polyecho® training

Argumentation skills training

Are your arguments watertight and tailored to get across to your audience? Learn how to make your arguments even more convincing by matching form and contents.

» Support from appunto to prepare    your argumentation

Training for presentation and public speech technique

It takes more than power point slides for a well structured presentation.

  • A speech asks for spoken, not written language.
  • How do you appear in front of your audience? Are you aware of your body language?
  • How is your articulation? Unclear? Too loud, or not loud enough?
  • What appliances and mediums are really supportive in your speech?
  • How to design your slides?

Salespersons' training in German, French, Russian and English

appunto provides special trainings for B2B salespersons and for persons selling highly sophisticated

How to establish contact. How to identify customers' needs and desire. How to convince them of product advantages. And, what is most important, how to reach their hearts and win them over.

Our trainings focus on salespersons to inspire and enthuse rather than just inform customers. Learn how to come across at your best.

All trainings are offered on all levels. Beginners, advanced or very experienced. In English, German, Russian or French.

The intercultural edge

We provide expert input and advice how to adapt your presentation or argumentation to fit European or Swiss conditions. We know what it takes to capture a European or Swiss audience's attention. Our multilingual team is keen to adapt your ads to the European markets.

» adapting your advertisements

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