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Presenting your arguments

One of the decisive factors is how you present your arguments. Be aware of who your audience is:
• academics,

• specialists,

• customers,

• colleagues?

Adapt your speech accordingly. Make sure you know all about the conditions and parameters. Prepare yourself to speak rather than read. If you write your speech down, use spoken language. Avoid long and nested sentences.

» Presentation skills training and public speaking instruction

Carefully Working out
Persuasive Argumentation

Convincing arguments make you an effective communicator
and a successful negotiator.

Walk on as safe grounds as you can with solid coaching
by your side, and get your message across.

Preparing your arguments

Coming up with a thought-out line of arguments can be a tricky task. The danger is not to see the woods for the trees. Therefore, different perspectives ought to be assumed, not just one's own. A view from «outside», an external specialist's questions and input are very valuable in situations like these.
» Media training / interview training

Put William Tell's arrow
in yor speech

You're quite new in Switzerland and want to impress your colleagues or your interviewer by underpinning your arguments with examples and comparisons relating to Swiss history and culture. We can provide you with valuable and colourful information. Our consulting is both focused and based on a broad horizon and general knowledge – to get you further.

Fit for quick answers?

Whenever you're interviewed – be it for a special assignment, a job, Q&A after a speech or a general meeting, or be it by the media – you have no time to look for arguments. You'll need them all ready up your sleeve. Preparing is much more vibrant and easier together with a consultant.
» Interview training


We carefully prepare your speech to the your audience's taste. In English, French and German. Let our skilled ghostwriters help you get your message across!
» Corporate publishing, ghostwriting

Prepare your speech with rhetoric professionals for your:

• Annual meeting
• Shareholders' meeting

• General assembly
• Congress
• Symposium
• Academic talk
• Sales presentation
• Tradeshows



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