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Coaching of top-level executives and teams

Reorganizing, restructuring – change. Internal processes of change often come to a halt because of problems with communication. Decisions that seem promising in theory don't have the desired effects. Why? Because those who are supposed to implement and advance them may be reluctant to do so.

If team leaders and superiors are insecure, they make mistakes. They don't adequately respond to their teams' needs and are reluctant to break disagreeable news. Stress often results in offending sensibilities without intending it. Employees, on the other hand, react by offering passive resistance and discord. And for fear of negative consequences, they don't ask the questions that really bother them.

Experience as well as research shows that once internal processes are caught in such deadlocks, it's almost impossible to resolve them from within. A disinterested third party from outside, however, can break the spell. Everybody who is concerned can discuss problems, anxieties and criticism with a coach without fearing anything in the negative. On that basis, problems can be tackled and effectively resolved.

Effective coaching and support

We coach you and your team in demanding and difficult situations: change, merger, acquisition, attrition, devising and implementing a binding mission statement, making a new start. Let our experience in communication become effective for you.


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