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Quality Assurance

Optimizing quality and productivity

Higher productivity due to leaner structures
Stimulating workshops to optimize service procedure
Professional leading of quality action teams
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Products, though from different brands, often show practically the same level of quality. One way to differ is, quite clearly, marketing. The other – more lasting and effective – way of differentiation is providing excellence in service.

Service makes the difference. We support your striving
for excellence!

Quality workshops

We facilitate your process of optimizing service quality and reaching excellence: by means of workshops, key notes, motivating quality action teams and trainings.

Increasing productivity

Individuals, processes, procedures … it's all highly complex. At which point down the line does the problem lie? – Not always that obvious to see. We can help you find the slow-down. And
we can assist you in speeding it up. With our wide experience in consulting.

Salespersons' training

appunto provides special trainings for B2B salespersons and for persons selling highly sophisticated

How to establish contact. How to identify customers' needs and desire. How to convince them of
product advantages. And, what is most important, how to reach their hearts and win them over.

Our trainings focus on salespersons to inspire and enthuse rather than just inform customers. Learn how to come across at your best.

» Presentation skills training


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