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Internal Communication

External consulting can work wonders for internal matters

Establishing or changing company and corporate culture
Increasing employee satisfaction – survey and measures
Staff bulletin: consulting on concept, editorial support
Translations and adaptations from English into German:
bulletins and mission statements.

Meeting the needs of your employees is crucial. But how? What are the reasons – and they're probably very complex – if employees are unmotivated, uncooperative and perhaps frustrated? What can you do to prevent such developments?

Employee satisfaction

As external experts, we facilitate your endeavours to enhance employee satisfaction. In difficult situations, staff rather confide their problems to "outsiders" than management. External support then proves very effective.

New drive for your change management

"Nothing is as constant as change", said the Greek philosopher Heraclit* over 2500 years ago. Changes weren't easy then, and they are still not easy today.

Being external to your management, we can put ourselves in your employees' position and help you find the right tone to communicate changes in your company.

* Heraclit from Ephesos (540 – 480 BC), ancient Greek philosopher who stated that things are constantly changing.

Workshops: corporate identity and mission statements

Mission statements that have been developed bottom up are usually much more obliging and binding than if "identity" is communicated top down. The latter usually doesn't work,
or not for long. As expert coaches, we organise workshops for your employees to participate in the process of building up a unique corporate identity, and of making mission statements that your employees really identify with.

Journalistic flair
for your staff bulletin

appunto assists your communications team in conceiving and editing a professional company magazine. We feature special expertise in producing multilingual print products (in English, German, French) and in adapting texts from English to German and French.

Mediation instead of escalation

A conflict may end up in a deadlock. Then the only helpful means is an intervention from outside, a mediation, conducted by a neutral expert. A mediator facilitates the search for common ground, motivates the will for mutual understanding which is the basis for finding a solution acceptable for everybody.
Pierre Freimuller has successfully conducted several difficult mediation processes. To provide you with relief of pressure wherever possible, appunto also supports you in your internal as well as external communication. Absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.



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