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Handy Hint: PR budget check

In PR, the most expensive measure is not always the best. Henry Ford once said that every second dollar spent for advertising was wasted – the tricky thing, however, is to find out which one. As independent experts, we assess your budget, evaluate how effectively your funds are allocated and locate potential for improvement. Confidentiality is understood.

Thinking of outsourcing your PR in Europe or Switzerland?

Feeling the pulse – taking effective measures

Campaigning in Switzerland

appunto mounts and runs your campaign in Switzerland. Be it a seductive product launch or re-launch, an exemplary image campaign, a vital health campaign, beneficial fund raising, or galvanizing consciousness raising … We're on site and make your campaign a Swiss success.
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Advertising in Switzerland

Persuasive advertising fitting your campaign: We make sure your ads will get appropriate and effective placement in the Swiss media and on the Swiss market. We copy write with journalistic skill and also publish articles and reports in newspapers, magazines and journals.
» Advertising as sweet as chocolate

Media relations

You need an effective presence in the Swiss media. We support you or take on whole assignments in professional media relations: devising media releases that draw journalists' attention, state of the art press and media conferences etc. Not only are we familiar with the Swiss media landscape, but we also know what good stories are made of.
» Media relations in German, French,
   Italian and English

Event management

Events are a highly effective tool – but only if they proceed and succeed as planned. We take care that everything is well thought through. Being on site, we can check out and reconnoitre everything from location, to access route, catering, technical equipment etc. And you can be sure that we come up with the very ideas that make your event a memorable joyous experience.
» Make your event happen

Print products, newsletters
and mailings

We design and produce the whole range of print products, from basic to glossy and luxurious, from conventional to original or a bit crazy. We've worked among others for pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, tour operators, airlines, travel agencies, banks, museums, theatres, clubs, associations, hotels and restaurants.
» Sparkling corporate publishing

Translations, adaptations

We translate and adapt any PR products and tools you may have in your own language so that they address your target groups in Switzerland. Here, language and culture are not the same as in Germany and Austria. We adapt your ads to get you message. We provide adaptations that hit the mark and the market. In German, French and the Swiss dialects.
» Quality translations and adaptations



appunto communications, Hadlaubstrasse 80, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 363 03 03