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Q&A List

When devising your Q&A list – an essential part of preparing any kind of press contact – pay particular attention to the "nasty questions". With our view from the outside, simulating journalists, we can effectively support you in this tricky task. We challenge you with the questions you have not yet thought about and help you prepare convincing answers.

» Helping you prepare a convincing argumentation

Media Relations in Switzerland
and Europe


appunto as your Swiss press adviser. Paving your way through the media jungle.

We are your ideal partner to advise you in building up and maintaining professional media relations in Switzerland. Not only are we very familiar with the press landscape, but we also know what it takes to be well-covered by the media.

Valuable support or whole assignments

Press releases

A journalist's most used instrument of work is the waste paper basket! We write or edit your press releases so that they remain on the desks. Our own long standing journalistic experience has taught us what it takes. We are familiar with the right channels for different kinds of business.

Media conferences

Have you ever organised a press conference, and hardly anyone turned up? We make sure your invitations are attractive and get to the right people. We organize whole press conferences from A to Z, as well as press lunches etc. Or we help you with the preparation: press kit, presentations, Q&A list, advice how to deal with photographers and interviewers.

» Media training, interview training
» Presentation training

Translating press releases
and press kits

If necessary, we are happy to translate your press releases into German or French. In such a way that they convey the same meaning as the original texts.

Press Contacts

We pave your way through the media jungle. For we know the media scene, in particular the Swiss media landscape.

18 years of media experience

Pierre Freimueller, general manager of appunto communications, looks back on 18 years of media experience in leading positions, both in print media and television.

Take advantage of his expertise.



appunto communications, Hadlaubstrasse 80, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 363 03 03