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If you are planning a campaign in Switzerland, ensure your helvetic success by consulting with a Swiss PR partner agency. Certain adaptations may be necessary. Don't let mishaps due to cultural or linguistic differences thwart your dear ideas!

PR and Advertising Campaigns


Campaigns as sparkling as champagne

Creative, innovative campaigns: You want to stand out from the crowd.

Well thought-out campaigns: You want to use your funds effectively.
Thoroughly planned and concerted campaigns: You can't afford any mishaps.
Effectively executed campaigns: You want to see measurable results.

Media relations

We get you in touch with opinion makers and the media. We prepare all the print material you need, such as press releases, press kits, Q&A lists etc.
» Media relations

Marketing communications

We shape, plan and realize product launch or relaunch campaigns and advertising campaigns at large. Playing the whole set of instruments you like. Our expertise stretches from the airline industry, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, banks and the financial industry to travel and tourism as well as non profit organizations.
» Advertising

Print products

Full service, consulting or operational support in designing and editing all the print products you need for your campaign. Persuasive results. In English, German and in French.
» Print products

Copy writing and speakers' training

Everything you do, all your campaign's features need to be coherent, of one piece and style. When it comes to your speech, we help you mould your message into a gripping rhetoric form and emotional expression. In English. In German and in French.
» Presentation skills training and public    speaking instruction


We network to get you in touch with personalities, institutions and organizations that are important and conductive to your campaign and to your business.

Your on-site partner agency

You're based in London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, wheresoever – you want to book a catering service for your event in Zurich and be sure it's excellent? We can do this and much more for you as your on-site partner and spare you unpleasant surprises. Discreetly, if you'd like so.

Event organization

You PR campaign is not complete without a strategically well-timed event. From idea to organization, execution, management, monitoring, analysis and result – we attend to every detail.
» Event management

Investor Relations

We keep your (Swiss) investors posted. They expect periodical information in return for their funds, for instance, news on the progress and effects of your campaign.
» Investor Relations


If not quite far-seeing enough, sponsoring can turn out to be a one way street. Highest precision, a keen sense of trends, products and image are as essential as a long-term vision and unbiased assessment.



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