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Strategic Communication

Strategy and communication: inseparable and crucial.

Investor relations

Confidence. Transparency. Well-structured arguments. It is no doubt one of the most important stakes to gain and maintain investors' confidence. We help you keep your investors posted with relevant information through the appropriate channels (annual, term and quarterly reports, press conferences, media releases, interviews etc.).

If your are not a Swiss-based company, we may be your ideal partner in organizing investor related events and PR measures for you in Switzerland. As on-site partner we establish and maintain media contacts and can also support you on the operational level.

New drive for your change management

"Nothing is as constant as change", said the Greek philosopher Heraclit* over 2500 years ago. Changes weren't easy then, and they are still not easy today.

Being external to your management, we can put ourselves in your employees' position and help you find the right tone to communicate changes in your company.

* Heraclit from Ephesos (540 – 480 BC), ancient Greek philosopher who stated that things are constantly changing.

» Internal communication

Communications concepts

A watertight communications concept contains milestones such as goals, reasons, schedule, messages, ideas, means (media conference, interview, sales bulletin, ads, inserts, brochures, mailings), budget, stars (internal or external ones), media channels, executives, criteria of measurability, monitoring. And everything at the right place and time.

Corporate identity –
corporate philosophy

CI, corporate identity, is far more than the corporate logo, corporate font, colors etc. A company's personality is never anonymous. It is based on the people involved. Based on values that are significant for overall success – shared values. Values that are relevant for all your stakeholders (employees, management, investors, customers etc.). We effectively assist you in the process of developing, defining and formulating a healthy company philosophy.


Reputation management

Reputation and image mostly depend on individuals. Those exposed and prominent are vulnerable to media attacks – often unjustified. Consulting on how to react – best before anything happens – can save you more than your reputation. Talk to us experts.

» Media training and interview training    by a top professional

Issue management

How to protect a good image and not put stakeholders' confidence at risk? A hundred percent security can hardly be reached. But it's your responsibility to make sure you do as much as you can. Be prepared for incidents and crisis. We can support you with our expertise and wide experience.

» Expert support in
   Crisis communication


Global companies based in Switzerland

Are you looking for an external, neutral personality to anchor your strategy planning meeting or leading through your strategy or company philosophy workshop in English? With years of experience as both an anchorman in TV programs and as a corporate communications manager, appunto's senior consultant, Pierre Freimueller, sees to it that your discussion brings forward results: concrete ideas and feasible


Integrated communication

Think «network». Think «consistency». Think «full service». Communications are interactive processes and always work both with and within networks. Contradictions and inconsistencies in communications come to light sooner or later and can compromise your efforts, damage your success. Integrated communications make sure that each and every activity is coordinated and agrees with, even enhances other measures. As full service agency we mean one-stop services. Consistent, coordinated and high standards.

Stakeholder management

Establishing and maintaining relations to all important people deserves highest priority. Neglecting certain groups and later trying to make up for such lapses usually costs more than continuous – not necessarily pompous – and considerate attention.

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