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Handy hints

Handbooks containing general advice on the handling of crises certainly have their value – albeit only in a general sense. Your situation, however, is unique and asks for customized guidelines. It is as if you wanted to file a lawsuit. Would you then content yourself with a simple juristic paperback or rather prefer to consult an experienced attorney?

Consulting in
Crisis Communication

» We help you prepare and strengthen your argumentation.

In difficult communication situations, it is even more important to possess in-depth knowledge of the local culture and media.
Foreign companies based in Switzerland therefore find the ideal PR partner agency with appunto. Not only in situations of crisis, but then certainly more than ever.

Every crisis bears at least one opportunity: To prove yourself and inspire confidence through masterful handling. Are you ready for it? » Crisis training

appunto's fields of expertise in crisis communication:

Contingency planning

We support you in getting ready for a potential crisis situation. We coach you to be able to respond with crisis management and communication according to best practice.

Customized crisis manual

Together with you and your specific technical and operational know-how, we devise state-of-the-art guidelines which are tailored to utterly fit your needs. No general theory, but checklists for potentially real cases of crisis in your enterprise.

» Crisis training

Issue management

"A stitch in time saves nine." That's never more true than when it comes to contingency management. Accurate and clever planning in good time helps you to prevent a big blow. We advise you on crisis communication with professional inputs which will save you time and unnerving effort.

Contingency management

We assist you with our expertise to help you make the right decisions in an actual crisis situation. Consult us also if you need a second opinion

Trouble with the media?

We support you in the difficult task – particularly in a situation of crisis – of dealing with the media. In English, German or French. We prepare you for media appearances and interviews, organize and/or monitor press conferences, review your press
releases etc. Especially when you are foreign, rely on experts who are familiar with the Swiss and European media scene.

» Media training in English, German or French by our professional experienced coaches

Monitoring your Swiss or European Media Coverage

You want quality rather than quantity because you have better things to do than read and analyze an (over)load of press material? If what you need is only the relevant information about your media coverage in Switzerland or Europe, we are your ideal partner. We monitor, analyze, and advise on further action. In English, German and French.

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