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Slippery floors - be prepared through a crisis communication training by appunto.
A crisis communication training by appunto: a solid grip even on slippery floors.
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You assess your risks of a crisis as very small? Don't forget: Crisis can be caused by external factors. For instance, one of your competitors may blunder, which could effect you by way of generic image damage. Preventing is much cheaper than the repairing of damages.

Training in Crisis Communication

Trainings in Crisis Communication

We train top executives – one to one, or in groups – as well as all other staff. Our crisis communication trainings are customized to fit your needs. Every possible crisis is unique.

You learn for instance about the differences between communication during normal times and communication in a situation of crisis, and how to get organized so that things run smoothly in a case of emergency. You learn where you are vulnerable and how to avert danger. What resources you need. How to coordinate everything.

You will receive ample input and useful tips based on real cases. And you will have the opportunity to discuss your assessment of practical issues with experts.

We have more than 30 years of experience in crisis communication trainings worldwide.

Crisis Cmmunication Training
in English, German and French

As we are based in Zurich, at the heart of Switzerland, we also offer our expertise in crisis communications training in all of Europe as well as in the US. In English, German and French. Some of the most recent trainings have been in Frankfurt, Geneva, London, Chicago, Vilnius, Vienna.

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Customized crisis manual

The crisis manual is at the bottom of successful crisis communication. On the basis of your specific technical and operational know-how, we devise state-of-the-art guidelines. No general theory, but checklists for real cases in your enterprise.

Crisis exercises

Practical exercises set in realistic scenarios are part of every appunto training. We also plan lifelike crisis drills and conduct them from A to Z: from the script to supervision to analysis and report. Only practice makes perfect!


No company has got enough human resources in communications to handle all the simultaneous challenges during a crisis: writing press releases, working on journalists' requests, giving interviews, monitoring the media, attending to the hotline, keeping staff informed, updating the website, calming down unsettled customers etc.

appunto recommends to train so called communications-samaritans, who can be called in whenever needed to support your team.



appunto effectively supports you in an actual crisis situation

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