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Handy hint

Feedbacks given in a non-hierarchical environment prove to be much more effective than the usual assessment by superiors. Give your teachers a chance to grow and develop their capacities by allowing them to train in a pressure-free context or to get feedbacks on their lessons by skilled professionals giving them hints how to get better, rather than scores that could affect their compensation or career chances.

Didactical Training

Preparing complex subject matter for coherent intelligible lectures is very demanding. More and more young lecturers find it important to attend a profound didactical training course. And more and more often, experienced teachers and professors feel the need to get new impulse and suggestions for their appearance in front of their students.

appunto regularly conducts training programs at universities, colleges and other educational institutes. We are experts in the technique of academic talks as well as new – for instance, interactive – forms of imparting knowledge. Our trainings enable you to simulate real-life situations such as speaking in an auditorium or a lecture hall in front of students, at a congress or in front of any other audience.

Feedback sessions

Years of experience in didactical trainings gave our experts a unique diagnostic competence in structuring complex subjects, explaining abstract topics in simple words, expressing ideas to the point, coming across in oral communication and really getting the audience’s attention.

Let one of our experts visit one of your lessons and give you professional advice how to further improve your impact on your students or your audience as well as the effectiveness of your teaching.

Master of Medical Education

appunto has been entrusted with the two major didactical training sessions in the Master of Medical Education program run by the University of Berne in association with other universities. One of these sessions consists in a very effective polyecho® training. Alumni of the MME program created in 1999 include leading doctors of many countries. appunto has been part of the teachers team since the beginning of this ambitious postgraduate program.
» Master of Medical Education

polyecho® training is a unique and very efficient method that appunto has developed as a variant of microteaching. It is based on viewing one's own presentations, multi-feedback and instant improvement by means of immediate implementation.

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