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Polyecho training


appunto's unique, very efficient training method

Talking and presenting more convincingly in front of colleagues, at work or at congresses.
Lecturing and teaching in a more motivating manner in the auditorium, at educational institutes,
or at work.
Explaining in a more intelligible and graspable way in front of lay audiences.
Communicating more clearly with authorities and politicians.

Scientists, experts and managers have to appear in front of audiences almost daily, be it in the auditorium or in front of colleagues, authorities, shareholders or customers. Often, the challenging bit is not the subject matter, but rather how to bring it across.

polyecho® training to come across

polyecho® training is inspired by microteaching, which was developed at universities in the USA and has proven a highly efficient means for testing and consolidating didactical methods.

appunto has decidedly advanced the original method: You do not experience artificial stress. You receive more and also more intensive feedbacks. You have the opportunity for immediate implementation and improvement.

polyecho® by appunto follows the effective matrix: appearing –

assessing – improving – appearing again. The two main principals are "feedback" and "confronting oneself". After the immediate comments and feedbacks by the participants and the expert, you will be confronted with your own presentation on video. Thus, you receive a multiple echo, which enables you to repeat your performance while already implementing improvements.

® polyecho® is a registered trade mark.

Our personalized approach

You should feel good and enhance your technique and skills. We strive for paying attention to your personal situation. We support your strengths
  and show you ways and means to deal with weaker points in order to become better and better. So that your talents will be fully brought out.

appunto: professionals in scientific communication and academic didactical training
For years, appunto has been running polyecho® courses at universities but also in companies.
Furthermore, appunto is active in scientific communication. We also visit and analyse lectures and run one-to-one trainings with lecturers and those who train to become teachers and lecturers.

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