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Individually tailored PR courses

Customized PR seminars

In-house PR training courses and seminars designed to fit your individual requirements
Practical know-how in public relations, corporate communications, product PR, crisis communications and issue management, investor relations
PR seminars and workshops in English, German and French
Personal or group teachings in which you benefit from experienced top PR professionals

You choose the date, the duration, the place, the venue and the program of your PR seminar

appunto offers PR training courses, seminars and workshops designed to fit the clients’ individual requirements in media relations, product PR, investor relations, internal communications, event PR or public relations on the internet.

From introductory PR courses to high-level assignments, our experienced top professionals show you how to make yourself heard trough state of the art public relations in today’s world of superabundant news.

Practical PR know-how

Our PR training courses offer more than just “naked theory”: practical guidelines, practice-oriented exercises and useful advice for your daily work in PR. Consultancy and advice based on longstanding international experience for state-of-the-art public relations.

We offer PR training courses in English, German and French. We have run PR seminars, training courses and various assignments in the following countries:

  • Belgium
  • China
  • Germany
  • France
  • Great Britain
  • Japan
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • Czech Republic
  • USA

We regularly receive enthusiastic feedbacks from participants of our PR seminars, who appreciate our focus on the practical aspects of PR, our motivating approach in facilitation and the atmosphere as well as the vivid and informative presentations and scripts.

We carefully listen to your specific requirements and subsequently design a matching program for your PR training course.

On request, we can integrate discussions and presentations regarding your own PR projects and combine them with practical exercises.

Immediate use

appunto’s in-house PR workshops and seminars can therefore be of immediate use for your current and future projects – a valuable advantage!

We do not have any reservations about working together with other experts or consultants who may be involved in your projects.

We run our tailored PR seminars and PR training courses exclusively for your management, your marketing professionals or your staff on your premises. Scope and duration will be set in accordance with your specific requirements.

Design your own
PR training course

Chose from our modules:

  • Introduction to public relations
  • Strategic PR, PR concepts
  • Product PR
  • Media relations
  • Writing press releases
  • Press conferences
  • Event PR
  • Issue management and crisis communications
  • Investor relations
  • Internal communications
  • Media trainings
  • On camera trainings
  • Copywriting, journalistic writing

We have been given assignments for PR seminars, PR training courses and PR workshops in a broad range of business areas, among others:

  • Healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medicine
  • Banking, insurance and finance
  • Power and energy industry
  • Travel, tourism and gastronomy
  • Telecommunications
  • Aviation and airline industry
  • Retail and consumer staples
  • Public management
  • Non profit organizations, charity
    syndicates, associations and NGOs

Tailored PR seminars in German
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