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Translations are a tricky matter. It can occur that translators don't always understand the intended meaning of a sentence in the source language. – Language can be ambivalent. Which meaning is the intended one? – Always double-check the target with the source text or let us double check it for you. Only carefulness and scrutiny reveal whether texts are complete, grammatically correct and whether they correspond with the original in style and tone. Such quality assurance can spare you unpleasant surprises.

Persuasive Advertising.
Fast, flexible, professional


Pep up your advertising in an economical way.

Successful advertising means hitting the mark at reasonable expense. Effective advertising means converging complex interrelations and associations to a striking point. That's our field of expertise.

For eye-catching results which inspire confidence


Persuasive advertising that fits your campaign: We ensure appropriate and effective placement. On the Swiss and European market, in English, German and French. We copy write with journalistic skill and publish articles and reports in newspapers, magazines and journals.

Commission refund

If your ad carries the label «made by appunto», the consultancy commission for ad placements will be refunded to you.


Nobody likes to produce inserts for the waste paper bin. But are you sure you know exactly what it takes that they are really noticed? We write, edit, adapt or polish your message and give it the touch it needs.

Ad adaptations

When advertising in Switzerland, be aware of «helvetisms», Swiss terminology. Here, language and culture are not the same as in Germany and Austria. Better check whether your ads live up to Swiss standards. We provide adaptations that hit the mark and the market. In Swiss German, French, and all our Swiss dialects.

Product PR and Marketing

If you want to make sure that your media release is noticed, that your campaign has the desired effect, you must kindle the fire at the right place with the right idea. We have the means.

Brochures and folders

Brochures and folders should make you stand out from the crowd and get your image across – that's not necessarily expensive. We design and realize all shades from basic to glossy to luxurious, from conventional to original to a little bit crazy. Among others for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, museums, theatres, clubs, associations and pharmaceutical companies


Some catalogues catch your attention. Others don't. Do you know why? We do. Ask professionals if you want a well-structured, clearly laid out and expressively illustrated catalogue. We support you by way of part-assignments or carry out everything from A-Z.


Your mailings reflect your image just like all your other RP measures. If they are uninteresting, however, contain mistakes, grammatical errors and are clumsy in style, they become a rather spitting image. Writing may not be your cup of tea, but it's definitely our business. Why not outsource your mailings to professionals?

appunto proves that effective ads needn't be expensive.

To be an eye-catcher, the quality of an ad's text is paramount - rely on appunto's skills.

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