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appunto: Your Full Service Agency for PR, Advertising and Communication in Switzerland


Wherever you expect an A to Z service from your PR-Partner, all our qualities and expertise will be employed. Whenever needed, we are there for you, swift with smart ideas.

Be it for producing an image brochure, a sale bulletins or a video presentation, or be it for developing your corporate design or your customized crisis manual.

We offer expert and blanket support in all areas of corporate communication. We help you find the words to get your message across to the proper target groups.

For public relations (PR), advertising, contingency planning/crisis communication, investor relations, or in-house communication:

appunto gets to the heart and the point of it.

We conceptualise and design staff bulletins, brochures and periodicals. We do editing and copywriting to refine and polish your texts so that they are an excellent read.

» Advertising

Adaptations of advertisements to fit the Swiss market. We can also jazz up your campaign with the ideas it needs.

» Media Relations

How to get the attention of journalists and how to deal with them? We know how the Swiss media works and how to reach the right people. We help you build up and maintain stakeholders' loyalty.

» Contingency Management
   Crisis Communication

Based on long standing experience, our services include help in dealing with journalists, coaching, supporting staff, preparing and implementing prevention measures, contingency management training, elaborating a customized crisis manual.

» Event organization

We come up with original concepts and ideas for customer and staff events, ground-breaking ceremonies, inaugurations, anniversaries. But, of course, also events for the media and press conferences.

» Anchoring

International panels, congresses, round tables, crisis meetings etc. We provide the professional anchorman or -woman for your event. In English, German and French.

» Web publishing, Internet

Clearly structured, consistent, credible and user-friendly websites are the secret of efficient web-PR. We help you implement it.

» Video, DVD, CD-ROM

In order to catch and keep the attention of viewers, the plot is crucial. This is less true for cinema (for there the actors are important too) than for a video presentation of a company. We know how to develop a thrilling visual narrative or a user-friendly CD-ROM.



appunto communications, Hadlaubstrasse 80, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 363 03 03