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PR for the Pharmaceutical Industry
and Healthcare in Switzerland


In line with the high standards of pharma and healthcare

Media relations for pharmaceutical enterprises
Communications addressing physicians, medical experts and patients
Communications addressing hospitals, public authorities, politicians
Organizing events for physicians and practising doctors
Organizing and anchoring congresses, symposiums and panel discussions
Advertisements, brochures, customers' and patients' information

The high complexity of the pharma industry and healthcare asks for differentiated and clear, knowledgeable communication. We do not work with standardised formulas. Each and every assignment is different. We stand for accurate and creative solutions to the point, customized to the target audience.

Thanks to our longstanding experience in medical didactics by training doctors attending the Masters of Medical Education programme we know what clinic managers, chief physicians and doctors expect. As external consultants, we also know the needs and expectations of customers and patients as well as those of public authorities and other players in healthcare.

appunto services offered in English, German and French

PR for pharmaceutical enterprises

We are experienced in launching new products as well as in fostering already marketed ones. We provide you with ideas, edit and copy write texts and take care of your media relations: everything from media releases to professional articles to press conferences and sophisticated journalist trip. We know what'll surprise physicians, which kind of information they appreciate and what gains their trust. We are also familiar with customers' and patients' expectations.

Crisis communication for the pharmaceutical industry

Drug producers are a prime target for the media, the social media and politics. However small a crisis at the beginning – it may be a single patient's case – it can lead to the breakout of a global crisis causing millions or even billions of dollars of costs.

The crisis communications specialists of appunto have a long lasting and wide experience with sucessfully handling crisis PR in challenging situations for the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, physicians or healthcare institutions at large. We support you not only with expert advice, but also with all the practical work that needs to be done at a top professional level, not to make the situation worse.

And we know about the specific requirements and pitfalls when communicating for the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare sector.

» Advice and support in crisis communication


Consulting and PR for hospitals
and clinics

We support hospital and clinic managements in elaborating mission statements and service assignments. We advise you in matters of organization and internal as well as external communications such as, for instance, media relations.

Devising presentations about drugs, medicine and healthcare

We make your presentations from A–Z, edit and polish or translate them (English, German, French).
» Presentation skills training

Media Training about drugs, medicine and healthcare

In our media trainings you learn to master tough interviews – interviews as professional as in reality. You gain more confidence and feel ready to face the challenge for real.

» Media training by a TV professional    in English, German or French

Anchoring healthcare events

Our professional anchorman, Pierre Freimuller, makes sure that your panel discussion or conference remains focused on the key issues and achieves results. We provide anchoring in English, German and French as well as multilingual anchoring.

» Anchoring

Preparing for speeches, meetings and media appearance

We prepare you thoroughly on the formal as well as on the level of contents – how to bring your message across – in one-to-one trainings for all kind of appearances: meetings with authorities and commissions etc. or TV appearance.

Medical didactics

Solid and wide experience distinguishes us when it comes to transferring medical knowledge. Our trainings are practice-oriented and not overburdened with theory. You "rehearse" how to improve your didactics skills. Physicians, nurses, dentists have confirmed it: our trainings are not placebo.

» Didactical training
» Master of Medical Education


Salespersons' training

appunto provides special trainings for pharmaceutical and medical supplies product managers and salespersons.

How to establish contact. How to identify customers' needs and desire. How to convince them of
product advantages. And, what is most important, how to reach their hearts and win them over.

Our trainings focus on salespersons to inspire and enthuse rather than just inform customers. Learn how to come across at your best.



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