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By international comparison, the Swiss are above average in spending money on vacation. They go on holiday more frequently and stay there longer. Thus, the Swiss market is very attractive. Being multicultural and multilingual, it is also an ideal test market. Are you thinking of launching a new product? Think of Switzerland! And think of us as your ideal multilingual Swiss partner agency. We work in English, German, French and Russian.

PR for Hotels, Tourism and the
Travel Industry in Switzerland

Communication and PR for tourism, holidays and hotels

Tour operators

appunto is experienced in this demanding business: Ideas for and realization of print products and campaigns. Full service and part assignments. Editing catalogs and brochures. Quality assurance in all matters. We know what your customers expect.

National and regional
tourist offices

Expertise both as consultants in this area and as travellers and tourists ourselves: Editing offers and products for the Swiss market. Checking translations and adapting all sorts of print material. Quality assurance and operational support in all matters.

Travel agents

We support you in your advertising and PR endeavours so that you can devote more of your precious time to more customers.


We are familiar with the specific communicative needs of airlines as well as with the cultural characteristics of various different countries. We feature expertise in rules and regulations, culture and terminology of this international business.

PR for airlines

Organizers of tours
and excursions

Profit from our expertise as marketing consultants and travellers. We know what your costumers expect from brochures, catalogs and flyers.

Adaptation of advertisements

We know that Germany's German is not like German in Switzerland or Austria. Customers are sensitive to such nuances. We are familiar with the varieties: We know that “Urlaub” means “Ferien” in Switzerland, “Flugschein” means “Billett” and “Hubschrauber” “Helikopter” – there are lots of differences such as “truck” in American English and “lorry” in British English. We adapt your ads – “Anzeigen” in German, but “Inserate” in Switzerland – we adapt brochures, articles etc. for release in Switzerland. By the way: Not only in German, but also in French, Italian, Russian and even Rhaeto-Romanic.

Comprehensive PR services

appunto offers the following services in English, German, French and Russian:

Public Relations, Media Relations
» press releases
» press conferences
» contacts with journalists
» media trips
» articles for inflight magazines
» chairing panels
» crisis communication

» catalogues
» folders, flyers, brochures
» ads
» newsletters
» mailings
» postcards
» videotapes
» event organization



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