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PR-Consulting in Switzerland with Experienced Professionals


Expert consulting in PR, crisis communication, contingency management, internal communication and argumentation.

appunto consulting for convincing solutions.

Do you just want to profit from our know-how and put it into practice yourself? Do you want to (re)position your business? Plan a campaign? Devise a communication concept? Implement changes and motivate your staff? Or do you want to enhance customer satisfaction? Assess candidates in executive search?

Make your communication get a move on.

Turn your vision into reality, implement your strategy by means of successful communication. We help you develop clear, vivid, convincing and targeted messages.

» Argumentation

We help you find clear-cut and compelling arguments. We know how to persuade. We have experience in how to counter attacks in a smart and charming manner.

» Contingency Management / Crisis Communication

You want to be prepared for the worst case. We provide trainings and coaching in crisis communication — the key to a prudent and professional handling of crisis situations.

» Internal Communication

You want your employees to be satisfied and to identify with the company. We can effectively support you in this task: mission statements, staff bulletin, surveys, feedback management etc.

» Quality Assurance

We lead quality action teams and conduct workshops in order to enhance efficiency and customer friendliness.

» Executive Search


Our interview technique brings it all to light: Is the candidate in question a good communicator? A skilled team leader? A flexible colleague? Does his/her personality suit the job on offer? Get an unbiased assessment.

» Outsourcing PR activities

We show you how to outsource your PR activities in Switzerland and Europe to a high-performance, professional and flexible partner and tell you where you can lower costs without losing effectiveness. Discretion guaranteed.

» Think Tank

Innovation, creative ideas and visions are the motor of progress. appunto is also a think tank and a great source of ideas which you can tap into. We never just execute tasks but think along and ahead. To inspire innovation in your own team we conduct customized workshops.



appunto communications, Hadlaubstrasse 80, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 363 03 03