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appunto trainings: practical skills taught by experienced trainers

appunto trainings: practical skills taught by experienced trainers.


Customer feedbacks

"Very good knowledge and know how transfer. We should be offered more trainings of this kind."
"Very professional with good and active trainers."
"It was a great training day! Many thanks."
"The presentation training in the afternoon was very useful, new situations, good experience."
"My thanks go to the trainer and the colleagues for what I have learned today."
"Very motivated trainer, very positive attitude."

Communication Skills Training in Switzerland and Europe


appunto's training activities include presentation, media appearance, interview, rhetoric and didactics.

In our communication skills trainings and courses you practise in small groups at in-house events or individually. You are attended by experienced trainers with great practical know-how in communicatons, presentation skills, media relations, crisis communication or didactics.

All our communication trainings – especially media trainings and interview trainings – are practically oriented. You won't hear hollow phrases or get an overload of theory but rather a lot of practice in lifelike settings.

In cooperation with renowned training centres we teach courses in public relations, corporate communications and contingency management.

Only what you can put to practice matters!

appunto's communication skills trainings get to the heart and the point of it.

Knowing how the media work is essential. How do you get the journalists' attention? And if you have their attention, how do you avoid unpleasant surprises? Practise in a reality-like media training what you could say or do when you are verbally assaulted or confronted with unfair questions.

» Presentation Skills Training and Public Speaking Instruction

For successful presentations it takes more than being able to master power point slides. Structure and rhetoric are key for a convincing performance. Rather than clinging to standard recipes we help you develop your personal presentation style and strengthen your speaker's competence.

» Contingency Management
and Crisis Communication

Sooner or later you will probably have to put to practice what we convey in our crisis communication trainings. That's precisely why we emphasise practice already in our trainings. You can learn how to handle crises situations and profit from our experience.

» Didactical Training


It is not easy to render highly complex matter in clear and graspable language. Even experienced university lecturers seek new impulse for making their subject matter more palpable. appunto's teachers haven proved successful for years in international didactical trainings.


appunto’s unique and highly effective presentation skills training method is based on the matrix: presentation – assessment – immediate improvement – re-presentation – re-assessment. polyecho® is an on-camera training method with a maximum time to benefit ratio.

Our individually tailored PR courses range from introductory PR courses to high-level assignments. They are designed to fit your unique requirements. Our experienced PR-professionals show you how to make yourself heard in today’s world of superabundant news by means of state of the art PR.



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