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How we work


We listen carefully to you. Your needs are our objective.
We act with utmost discreetness.

Our objective is to provide you with a maximum of success. Therefore with don't come up with commonplace solutions, but develop customized services that satisfy your particular needs.

You characterize your ambitions and concerns, with which we acquaint ourselves profoundly.

We only suggest measures and solutions which are most likely to be effective. These mustn't necessarily be the most expensive ones. If we aren't convinced of an activity's effectiveness, we advise against it. We don't strive for assignments at any rate. We strive for our clients’ success.

We treat our mandates with utmost discreetness. That's why we don't preen on our clients' names.


appunto communications, Hadlaubstrasse 80, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 363 03 03