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Your One-stop agency for
PR services in Switzerland


We cover all your needs in Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Advertising.

appunto is a full service PR agency providing expert support in all matters of communication: Public relations, crises communications, campaigning, investor relations, event organisation, trainings, advertising.

Your Swiss PR partner with an intercultural edge.

Based in Zurich, in the heart of Europe, we work for customers in Switzerland, Europe and even on other continents.

Mission statement

As a medium-sized agency we are flexible and versatile. We deliberately keep our overheads low in order to offer our clients services to the maximum for each of their communications Euro or Dollar.

We don't specialize in any particular business area because we don't want to sell similar ideas to different clients. We want to guarantee you exclusiveness and trustworthiness. We are convinced that our informed gaze from outside – unbiased and critical – is a powerful tool for wise consulting services.

A chief who contributes daily

Senior consultants who permanently rush from one meeting to the next are of little use to you as clients. Even so, you have to pay their salaries too! Our senior consultant and general manager, Pierre Freimueller, actively and regularly contributes to assignments, projects and mandates. Thus, you profit from the full range of our experience.


Win-win with appunto communications

We bring in ideas
Creative and imaginative as we are, we always provide good ideas for you to choose from, be this for big or small deals. We don't do «l'art pour l'art». Ideas have to be feasible and useful. Their purpose is to serve the clients: To serve your image, your brands and your products.

We work result-oriented
Only results count. We avoid unproductiveness and futile effort and strive to keep our clients' expenses and our own overheads low. Tight budget control as well as transparent and detailed invoicing are matters of course.

We are professionals
Clients expect jobs to be done one hundred percent professionally. That's what we do regarding communication psychology and linguistic virtuosity. It's what we provide in strategic analysis and concept design. In coaching, training and publishing corporate print products of all sorts.

We are accurate and thorough
Adamant about careful planning, we constantly think along and ahead. Every detail has to be taken into account.

We work fast
Diligence and excellence are pretty useless if deadlines are failed. Our clients can rely on our swiftness and promptitude. Even if schedules are tight.

We are flexible
appunto stands for agility and flexibility – 24/7 if necessary. There is always a way. There's always a solution to every problem.

We are versatile
Communications and PR are complex matters. Hand in glove with this field, we are familiar with various business areas and eager to make ourselves acquainted with your specific and unique conditions.


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appunto communications, Hadlaubstrasse 80, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 363 03 03