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Pierre Freimüller
Susanne Brenner
Lesya Golovina


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Committed. Passionate. Creative. Effective.


Pierre Freimüller, General Manager, Senior Consultant

Susanne Brenner, Consultant

Lesya Golovina, Consultant

One-stop shop

Communication tasks are diverse and heterogeneous. Doing each and everything in-house would cause massive cost inflation.

If sensible, necessary and cost-efficient, we work closely together with external specialists. Thanks to our business knowledge and wide experience, we know the best in class. Lead-management and quality control remains with us.


We are familiar
with many countries

All of appunto's consultants feature work experience in foreign countries and are proficient in English, German and/or French.

Our knowledge and sensibility of cultural differences are based on real-life experiences.


appunto communications, Europastr. 15, CH-8152 Glattbrugg/Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 809 44 22