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Communication to the Point

You have good ideas and innovative products. Your achievements and services are convincing. We can help you turn your values into messages.

We conceptualise, campaign, copy write, edit and design. With the right means. At the right time and the right place. For your message to come across.

Our mission is to satisfy with creative inputs, absolutely reliable organisation and lean management and structures. Since what matters to you are results only and not the fuss around.

appunto is a medium-sized PR agency established in 1996, based near Zurich airport in the bustling center of Swiss and international business.

Don't you think we should talk?

Looking for a partner PR agency in Switzerland?

We can effectively support and facilitate your campaigns and activities. We
know how the Swiss clock ticks and are familiar with the specific cultures of most European countries.

Our ambition

appunto communication: mission statement

Communication is our passion. We provide our customers with solutions for all their needs. In top-level quality, with high flexibility and at fair prices.

We are specialised in communication with all its facets – from PR to advertising, from internal communication to media relations, from product PR to crisis communication.

We deliberately do not concentrate on one particular line of business. We intend to retain our view from outside in order to supply our customers with unique and innovative solutions.

We measure our success according to the effect of our accomplishments and customer satisfaction. We distance ourselves from measures with predictably little effect. In case of doubt, we advise against them.

Our know-how is based on longstanding solid experience and continued further education. Assignments we can’t take on ourselves are committed to the most adept specialists of our network.

What's the meaning of the word appunto?

appunto (Italian)

1. (adv.) exactly!, precisely     because, indeed!

2. (noun) annotation, note

  Thus, “appunto” means: “That's precisely what I mean!” And such is our claim: We find exactly the words for what you want to express. We help you get your message across.

appunto® is a registered trademark.

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appunto communications, Hadlaubstrasse 80, CH-8006 Zurich, Switzerland, phone +41 44 363 03 03