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Davos: Kirchner Museum

The German expressionist painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner lived in Davos from 1917 until his death in 1938. He originally went there to recover from his severely bad condition. He fell in love with the landscape and the people and spent the rest of his life in the Swiss mountains.
The museum in Davos, built by the young Swiss architects Annette Gigon and Mike Guyer, has a splendid collection of Kirchner paintings and drawings as well as regular special exhibits.
Davos is 2 h 40 min. from Zurich airport.
» www.kirchnermuseum.ch

The rare Kirchner collection is presented in a superd building.
The rare Kirchner collection is presented in a superb building.


Martigny (Valais): The Barry Museum

On your way to Zermatt or Crans, why not pay a visit to the museum of the world-famous Barry dogs? Located right next to the roman amphitheatre it displays in a modern way all kinds of artefacts related to the St-Bernard mountain pass and to its famous hospice where the Barry dogs originate from. Of course you’ll also see the original Barrys alive.
Martigny is 1 h 45 min. from Geneva airport.
Musée et Chiens du Saint-Bernard, Route du Levant 34, Martigny (VS)
» www.musee-saint-bernard.ch

Discover everything about the world-famous Barrys and their history

Discover everything about the world-famous Barrys and their history.


Aigle (Vaud, near Lake Geneva): The Vineyard and Wine Museum

Aigle is in the heart of one of Switzerland’s most famous wine growing regions. The museum is located in Aigle Castle constructed in the 13th century on a hill surrounded by vineyards that made the Aigle brand famous. The 17 historic showrooms of the museum offer a comprehensive overview over wine growing and production across the centuries. You’ll not only see the different appliances and tools, but only a lot about the winegrowers’ lifestyle. Nothing in common with steel tank factory shows you might have seen elsewhere.
Aigle is 1 h 30 min. from Geneva airport.
  Aigle Castle is surrounded by vineyards
The Wine museum in the 800 years old Aigle Castle show everything about the wine growing tradition in a real historical setting.

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