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Not to miss in Switzerland:

» Scenic rides

» Pretty towns

» Architecture and    Monuments

» Museums

» Nice and easy    hikes

Looking for a gorgeous train, bus, boat or car ride in Switzerland? A few suggestions.

You won't find the big scale city in Switzerland, no Paris, no Rome, no Vienna – they are all nearby, though. But we can recommend a series of neat and well preserved historical towns and villages. Original places you will find nowhere else.

Sorry, the Eiffel Tower is in Paris, the Sigh Bridge in Venice and the Reichstag in Berlin – only a short flight away from Zurich. But here you'll find fascinating buildings you have never seen on a calendar, both centuries old and modern ones. How about discovering those?

Switzerland has always hosted some of the richest art collections. We recommend you a few exhibits worth visiting and also the one or the other rather funny place.

This is not about climbing the north face of the Eiger, but about a few nice and easy hikes you could take on your next visit if you have some spare time. Trust our taste. We have been strolling in the prettiest areas of our country for 50 years…


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